Sunday, 27 January 2013

Junking: Unneccessary (but FUN!) Items

I am a terrible blogger.
It has been over 4 weeks since my last blog post.
Although I have several jobs started, I cannot seem to finish them. My main issues seem to be getting home with enough light to work, or it is snowing or too damn cold to do anything. What's worse, is that most of my projects only require sanding or spray paint. Both of which need to be done outdoors.

SO. What does one do when they have too many projects on the go and less room than ever?
Go find more things to bring home!

Okay, so small fib... this one I did not buy recently. We got it back in October.
It is an old telephone table. I have the fabric for it, the paint... but I can't paint it without sanding it... so you see my dilemma.

Naturally, since I already have one unfinished telephone table, I had to bring home another. Where it is going to go? I have no idea.

This awesome thing came into my possession last week. It is an artillery shell. Again, I have no idea what to do with it, but it is a pretty unique piece.

Finally this simple little mid-century table. I kind of love it. I am just going to leave it alone for now and let it marinate. Maybe I will set it up in our TV room... we could use more side tables.

I might be becoming a hoarder.


  1. Story of my life these past few months - it's too dark to take pictures of anything once I get home from work, and it's too effing cold outside to do and revamp work! Le sigh. I hear you, sister.

    Also, mad props on the massive shell. Investment well made.

    1. Oh ya the lack of light is a total killer. I have so many crappy photos because of no natural light. I have high hopes for getting a project done this week though.

  2. I so want the artillery shell--it would be cool with some cool twigs or flowers...just saying


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