Friday, 26 November 2021

Christmas Fun: The Annual Card 2018

 Remember this fantastic movie?

Sure, it might not immediately feel like a Christmas theme, but we're a Hallowe'en-loving family and sometimes the macabre seeps into everything we do. 

As usual, Grey-dog is always a participant in our annual card. So his photo was up first. I needed a view of him from below to make it work.

I think you can see where this is going... 

Some other iconic images from the movie: Jodie Foster and that lamb

Hannibal, obviously. No more iconic image than that.

Finally, the original poster.

Photoshop to the rescue! Sure, I didn't get the skin colour quite right on one, or the hairline on another, but it was crazy fun.

Front of the card in a quarter style.

Back of the card in the new Hannibal style - I mean it basically screams reindeer Christmas vibes, right?
To see last year's card, click here.

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