Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Christmas Fun: The Annual Card 2016

Guys. I know. Another rushed last-minute holiday card.

Ugh. BUT we are absolutely committed to putting out a card with some fun or some whimsy. This year we leaned hard into the whimsy of it all.

So, we took to the woods near our house and tried to get a good family photo.

Grey-dog was loving the birds. He was distracted by every sound and every flit past his eye.

M was distracted by the snow and sometimes didn't even look at the camera. The rest of us look great, thought, right?? LOL

Look over here, M!

Getting so much closer to a good shot...

Then everyone was distracted, but in a very good way. I can work with this one.

I needed to add one extra member to this photo to make it complete.
Cue funny tag-line.

Silhouette of Bigfoot just in case the other side of the card was too subtle.
Ta-da! The annual holiday card is complete!

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