Sunday, 6 June 2021

Shower Room Makeover: Sad to Superb - Continued

Hey, remember that time I made over the shower room?

Well, I guess I wasn't satisfied, because here we are 3 years later, and I'm doing a thing.

Ugh, okay so here's what happened.

I was going to replace the drain in the sink. That's all I was going to do. Honestly! But, as I am pulling the drain out, it broke in half right in my hands. It was so much worse than I thought it was. Obviously, I then started to wonder what condition the bottom of the fiberglass sink was in. It was in perfect condition! Well, if you consider the fiberglass rotting where the overflow channel is, as perfect condition. I set off to the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) and it came through! There was a perfectly nice vanity of the correct size, WITH a new faucet on it. Cost me $75 bucks.

I set to changing the shut off valves, one which never really shuts off anything, so that is super helpful. But that sucker was hella on there. I had the hand torch on the solder and I was wiggling with the pliers, but no joy. Turns out that particular shut off valve has another nut to remove only the shut-off knob, so I was able to just replace that. Then I replaced the drain, p-trap and wall pipe. So basically, Almost everything under the sink is new. Yay! I guess.

Next, I She-Hulked the old vanity right out of there. There were some interesting wads of painter's tape stuck in the side then covered up with caulk. Cool.

I patched the wall, sanded, then repainted, then installed the vanity. 

Once it was in, its plain whiteness was clean, but boring.

To fix this and add texture, I bought some grass cloth.

I added it to each of the cabinet inserts.

The finished product works pretty well!

Thanks for stopping by!

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