Sunday, 9 June 2019

Colour Catalyst - Room Revision

Well, adding a naked Burt Reynolds picture was a good start!! Check out that post here.

However, some things just don't sit right, but you live with them for a while until you have the time or inclination to change them.


For me, it was the grey curtains in our bedroom. I really wanted to see white curtains, but certainly not if the wall was white... And down the rabbit hole we goooooooooo.


I painted an additional wall in Sherwin Williams rainstorm and decided to do the trim in white. (The trim was not the original wood trim, but had been stained to match the original base boards.) I added white Ikea curtains; they were too sheer for Northern Alberta light levels, so I also bought a light blocking liner.

From there I finally tackled this mess. Our dressers have been a dumping ground for... well, everything.

I hung some artwork, and added interesting pieces that have been collected over the years.

The darker colour on the wall extends the size of the room by allowing it to recede. In an instant, the room appeared larger.

I added specimens from my ever-growing plant stock, as well. Plants always bring life to a room.

I hung some John Waters memorabilia (from that time I got to meet him and forgot that I had drawn on a pencil mustache) and a jewelry stand - for practical reasons.

Obviously a shrine to these drag-deities is a must (thanks NMC).

This perfect mid-century tray finally found its spot, as well.

Knives, money clips and statues, oh my!

Overall, a simple change, but has a big impact.


  1. This is such a huge change. I love when something as simple as a wall colour and curtains can make such a huge impact to a room. Not that it was a simple idea - but the overall effect is so much punchier. The bed spread and curtains against that deep navy = perfect.

    1. Oh no, Alex; it absolutely was a simple idea. I roll like that, yo. And thank you. It has changed yet again since. I love evolution.


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