Sunday, 19 May 2019

Colour Blocking Bedroom Makeover

Another room, done!

Our daughter's room started as a blank slate, and other than some light blocking window treatments, kinda stayed that way for a long time.

Her room eventually evolved into this: a free Kijiji dresser and bed frame, and a whole lot of books and toys. Kinda boring and completely in disarray. Ya, that is big words for "this is a mess".

I got a free headboard from Kijiji and bought some bright yellow paint. I might have a free+kijiji problem...

M was gifted a great painting of a child Wonder Woman that we've been meaning to frame, and I found this gold wire hanger, perfect for M's artwork and accessories.

Then I started blocking some areas surrounding the bed to anchor the space.
I used the darkest blue (almost black) that I could find. A statement background that could be used as a chalk board... hmmm...

M was ecstatic to start using her wire hanger. We had to wait 30 days for the paint to cure before adding fun appliques. This gave me the chance to do something with the dresser. You can see that post here.

Not bad for minimal painting! Can we talk about how perfect that artwork is for this room? Thanks again, J&H!

The stars are just ambiguous enough to shift into another theme when the time comes... but then again, we did let the paint cure for 30 days, so the stars should just peel off. I am kind of proud of that. I am so rarely patient enough to follow instructions.

The practical part of a kids room: Storage... and she has a huge amount of books, so it was extra important.

Add M's DIY Wonder Woman armour (I really should have made a post about that), a rubber plant, and some colourful pom-poms and you've got a kids room.

I'm liking how it turned out. And that wee dresser from back in this post, looks great in here.
Let me know who you think, below; and give me a hint on identity if you comment anonymously!

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