Thursday, 18 October 2018

Pumpkin Carving: Pinterest Method Review

Pinterest is a great source for all sorts of things, including ways to carve your pumpkin.

With that in mind, we spend the weekend trying various methods and aesthetics that we found on Pinterest. Here is our review.

1. Beating the inside of the pumpkin.

What: Bring on the power tools, and egg beaters!

This one was kind of fun. It excelled in pulling the stringy, seedy parts from the meat of the pumpkin.
You still have to reach in and remove said debris, but it works great for getting it off the sides, and it is extremely quick.

The stringier bits do clog up the beater a bit, but that is easily cleaned off once the beater is removed from the drill.
Ease: 8/10
Aesthetic: Clean
Overall Rating: 7 Mini Tootsie Rolls

2. Pumpkin Carving Kits

What: Carving kit with eyes, carving knife and scooper.

Super easy... you just tear out the sheet you want. Choices were a ghost, owl, bat and face. Tape it to the pumpkin, and then have your little one use a marker to colour in the little dots. Once the dots are done, you pull off the sheet, and get to the carving. I love that at only 4 years old, little M could still help in a constructive way.

The biggest surprise was the little cutter tool. It has soft edges so your little one won't cut themselves, but it goes through the pumpkin with surprising ease. We will be keeping this little guy for future pumpkins.

Finally, pop the little plastic eyes in, and you are finished!
Ease: 7/10
Aesthetic: Polished but goofy
Overall Rating: 6 Hallowe'en toffees

3. Cookie cutter method

What: Hallowe'en themed metal cookie cutters and a rubber mallet.

This one was pretty satisfying. Not only can you get your frustrations out but you also get a very quick, easy and clean shape. 

Tip: Don't try to put the shapes too close together or you may break the pumpkin. And ensure that your cutter is at least as thick as the pumpkin you are trying to cut. My husband really seemed to enjoy the brute force of this one.
Ease: 7/10
Aesthetic: Crisp
Overall Rating: 3 Peanut Butter cups

4. Easy minimalist pumpkin

What: Dollar Store Fake Nails
I was looking for standard white, but as a happy accident I found these instead.

Cut a mouth shape into the pumpkin. I chose a creepy, bumpy pumpkin since this one is so minimal.

Put the sharper end of the nail into the pumpkin... and... finito!
Ease: 9/10
Aesthetic: Fun and Effective
Overall Rating: A full sized chocolate bar!

Yes, I know that my rating system is completely arbitrary. I say to you...pfft, whatever.

No matter what method you try, I guarantee that one of these will be pretty effortless and fun.

Have a Spook-tacular Hallowe'en!


  1. These are so excellent. And I love your rating system. Reeces peanut butter cups are a winner every time for me.

    Also, the fake nails in the gaping maw of that pumpkin - THAT IS AMAZING AND I'M SO GOING TO D THAT NEXT YEAR. It's so simple and so excellently creepy.

    p.s. Millie is getting so big!

    1. She is so grown up some days!
      My rating system...ha! Ya, I am clearly a dork.


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