Saturday, 13 October 2018

Hallowe'en Costume Repurposed

A few years ago our friends had an adorable costume made for our 1 year old. Being horror fans, they knew that we would absolutely put our daughter in a Freddy Kruger costume.

We of course had to complement that costume with other classic horror characters.
So, what do we with this awesome knitted onesie?

I just began my Hallowe'en decorating, but I still have a few weeks to complete it. That said, I threw this together for my door. I am excited to have a front door that is protected by a porch, so I can do fun things like this now!

It is just a closet hanger with clips on it. I clipped the hat and glove, wrapped the onesie around it, and added a chalk board.

Let the Hallowe'en decorating begin!


  1. YAS! That tiny costume was way too adorable to part with. A perfect way to remember it.

    1. We had a blast this year. We also added a lot of cobwebs to our yard this year. A very quick and cheap way to make an impact.


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