Saturday, 28 May 2016

Growin' Stuff: Get Stoned

Before I get into this year's project, I made a few new labels for my garden.
This year I decided to grow some different stuff, namely, peas.
Check out how I did it back in this post.

Yes, it says Jon Snow Peas.
We think we are pretty clever in this house.

This is a photo of our garden box a few years ago, before it became two.
You can check out the post showing how we split it here.

We are very much a 'use what you got' kind of people.
We had old bricks that were stacked beside our shed, plus a friend was getting rid of some extra rocks from his own back yard projects, so we happily took them off his hands last year. Thanks Andrew!

We started by weeding (it was totally out of control), then we laid newspaper down to keep the weeds at bay, and give us a substrate for the rocks.

Hubby did a great job digging a small trench for the bricks. He dug down only as far as was required. The bricks create a small lip just enough to help keep the rocks in, but not enough to be a tripping hazard.

Millie assumed that the path was her own personal running track. She loves it.

This year the garden boxes contain only potatoes, beans and carrots. Two planters with Jon Snow Peas, and one planter with a zucchini. The front yard has taken on all of the other veggies, but a post about that is to come.


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  2. HA! Get stoned. What a great use of the materials you had at hand! I am so jealous at your being able to grow food. I'm not acquainted with Game of Thrones, but I have a feeling this Jon Snow character is part of it? Also - LITTLE MILLIE OH GOD THE OVERALLS. I CAN'T. She's gotten so big!!!

    1. My favorite part is her T-rex arms!! LMAO.
      Yes, Game of Thrones... JS is our favorite character. We hope the peas have better luck than the character, though. Everyone gets screwed on this show.


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