Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sewing 101: Shirts, Pants, Underpants, Oh My!

Here I am with another sewing challenge.

I am pretty good about keeping my daughter's clothes clean so that they can be sold on our local Mom/Dad's used goods site. However, some stuff just get stained and therefore are unsalable. I just couldn't turn it all into rags, so I had to get creative.

I decided to focus my energy on the pants.
Kitties first:

1. I cut out the seams that make them pants.
2. Then I cut the two sides to mirror eachother.

3. I folded them the other way, and cut the same shape again. So now it looks like above.

4. Next, I turned my attention to what I was going to fill all those new slits. I used a large plate, and cut a quarter of a circle out of paper to use as a pattern.
5. I used that pattern on an old singlet that I no longer wear, making 4 of these quarter circle shapes.

6. I pinned the quarter circles in, then trimmed the strips to match in length.
7. Once I had sewn those in, I felt I needed more, so I cut the pink kitty sections in half, giving me 4 more sections to fill with 4 more quarter circles.

It turned out pretty cute! By this point Millie had pulled it down to her hips, making her torso look mega long. It moves so well, though.

*Update: Today, in the super heat, we discovered it works well as a mini dress too! Adorable.

A week later, and those other pants were nagging me. I paired them with a 0-3 month shirt that has the cutest ruffle.

I went uber simple with this one.

1. I cut the bottom off of the shirt and the top off of the pants. With right sides together, pin.
2. Sew together and turn right side in.

It is Millie-approved. I paired it with a Sleepigan (check it out from this post), and some stripes in the same colours as the flowers on the skirt.

Finally, not be outdone, Millie did some of her own fashion creating. Future Fashionista (Maybe like her cousin Brook-Lynne at Old Moon Vintage?)

 At first, she only used two pairs of Daddy's underpants in each look.
1. Army green one shoulder look, with blue bubble skirt.
2. Black stretch swing shirt with yellow high/low skirt. She moves fast, this is the best photo I could get... LOL

3. Then she went high fashion with this 3 underwear look, pairing light grey, army green and dark grey in this layered halter dress.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAH OH MILLIE!!! And Pat these upcycled skirts are the CUTEST! Oh man am I ever taking notes (oops - did I just give away the sex of our bambino? Shhh ;) Seriously, you are writing the rules on how to make the most out of what you have. This is all kinds of amazing!

    p.s. Millie with piggy tails. Kill me now.

    1. Wow!! Congrats! Ya, I feel being broke make for the best in creative ideas! LOL.
      I am so excited for you Alex!!!


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