Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Artwork: Half frames and Rasterbator

For Christmas this year, I thought I would do something personal with some old photos, but with a twist.

I used a website called Rasterbator. It is super rad. You can create large scale prints using just your 8 1/2" x 11" printer... or like me, you can just have your image "rasterbated" (hehehe) to a 18x24 size and print it at a printer.

So basically, you can turn a cool photo (of my Grandmother) like this...

Into this!

Up close, it looks like this (the barn door in the first photo)... but the further away you get the more detailed the image becomes. Fun!

Next I set to the task of creating half frames.
I have done this before, you can see that post here, but this time I made it less permanent.
First I purchased 1/4" rare earth magnets and some slats of oak.
Next I drilled using a 5/8" bit... only going in as far as the magnet is deep so that the magnet would be flush with the wood. I did this three in a row.
I did the same on all four slats, then gorilla glued the rare earth magnets into the holes (remember to use a q-tip to wet the wood first). The tricky part was ensuring that the polarity of the magnets was correctly inserted so that they wouldn't repel each other.

I forgot to take process photos. Bad, Pat, bad!
Anyway, tie a couple of slip knots into some cord and you have the finished poster!
It made for a unique, personalized gift, and I adore how it turned out.
I hope they liked it!


  1. Love these photos! I'm always on the lookout for new art.

  2. Again, you blow my mind Pat. I remember the first time you created this type of frame, and I haven't forgotten it. The wall behind the TV in our bedroom is the blankest of blank and I've had the perfect picture in mind to print and hang like this, as inspired by your first post. Except I haven't actually gotten around to getting it printed. Fail. Just harass me until it gets done. It should work.


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