Monday, 22 February 2016

Bathroom Makeover: From Pink to Perfect

Here is a great little renovation project by my friend Nicole.
She lives in an adorable 1940s era home in Northern British Columbia (my hometown).
Interestingly, it was originally a primary quarters house that was at the old barracks.

Blurry Before & Amazing After

Here's how it happened... as Nicole would describe it, "8 weeks of a mess".

Judging by the dusty rose paint, I'm guessing that the last bathroom renovation took place in the early 1990s.

I still don't know why she would want to renovate? I mean, dusty rose is sure to be the new "it" colour any day now, right? RIGHT?? LOL

The Jacuzzi tub was built into a 6' x 6' raised platform with steps that took up a lot of space.

With some very good friends and family to help her out along the way, Nicole ripped out the Jacuzzi, and removed the platform. It turns out the room was originally a bedroom, so the platform was to aid in getting the plumbing over to the tub. A few special surprises along the way included a drain that ran under the entire length of the vanity to the other side of the room and a live outlet behind the tub.

As you can see, the original tile is under the tub; it was no longer attached to the substrate, and came up easily. The linoleum was applied over it.

Professionals were brought in the level the floor, and install new vinyl flooring (Tarkett) in a hexagon pattern, that is good enough to fool any photograph.

Given the expense associated with moving plumbing, a new, smaller platform was built to accommodate a gorgeous modern soaker tub. A fresh coat of paint (Behr, Seaside Sand) and some white wainscoting have already brightened a dark, dated space.

Here is a photo of the transformation in progress...

On the other end of the room, the old bathroom cabinets were re-used and a new laminate counter (colour: volcano) top replaced the pink counter. New fixtures and hardware were added. And remember those dark oak cabinets? It is amazing what a coat of white paint on the original cathedral doors can do!

An interesting nook was created out of an old doorway. It has potential to be a rather useful space.

The finished product is quite amazing. I love the little details, like the vintage plant stand and artwork. An Ikea Fintorp rail and condiment stand work wonderfully for bathroom items, making this space both beautiful and functional.

A cheeky reminder of the pink that once dominated this bathroom can only be seen in the robe that graces the door.

The nook is now filled with all of the things required to have a really good bath: Bubbles, books and rubber ducks!

Oh, and check out this gorgeous hand-made wood coat hook made by Nicole's rad Dad!

Well done Nicole and crew! 8 weeks might have caused a mess, but I think it might have been worth it.


  1. Ohhhh Nicole. Nicole! Mad props. The transformation is amazing and is so considered and on point. The bathtub area is about a gazillion times better and the wainscoting throughout is the icing on the cake. I also love when someone doesn't gut an entire room and start over but reuses perfectly functional pieces that are already there like the existing cabinetry. They look so much better white with a striking counter. SO much yes.

    1. Great, innit Alex? I appreciate how she chose to spend her money: That amazing tub and making the room truly functional. Then choosing the finishes to support it. And all on a budget.

  2. Amazing! Love that tub and am shocked that the floor isn't tile! Had me fooled. I've got two bathrooms that are in serious need of a budget makeover and this is inspiring!

    1. Right? She did the whole thing for something ludicrous, like $3500 CAD.

  3. Maax Sax Tub in white... on sale for $499 Note I found out that this is a plumbers nightmare as the plumbing is on the inside :) Still love it though.
    Taps- and
    Flooring -Tarkett Rich Onyx
    And a lot of moulding,paint, and wood wainscotting :) Thank you for the compliments....I had my doubts that it would come together but was pleasantly surprised with the finished product.

    1. Wow, ya that is an affordable bathtub! Thanks for the additional info, Nic!

  4. Looks so much better. I love bold colors but that pink was not working as well as the white does know. And the tub, of course, beautiful.


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