Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Holiday Wrapping: Brown Paper

Wrapping gifts can get a little boring with usual wrapping paper.
This year, I decided to use a boring brown paper and embellish it.

I love how it turned out.

Our natural environment is already beautiful.
Materials: Brown paper, velvet ribbon, cord, evergreen from my back garden.

Materials: Brown paper, decorative mesh, last year's deer wrapping paper.

Materials: Brown paper, cord, satin ribbon from a present last year (hence its wrinkled appearance).

I also punched some tags out of a box of KD... used double sided tape and some red paper to cover the printed side, leaving the brown side perfect for the name. Then, because I was missing a hole punch, used a needle and thread to attach the labels to the gifts.

It looks great, and it was very inexpensive too! Bonus.

Addition: Using architectural drawings for wrapping. I only remembered to take one photo. Oi. (Shakes head in dismay). I think I will wrap the partner gifts this way next year!


  1. Awesome job. It's a great way to extend the life and usage of your printed wrap.

    1. Totally. Somehow I have 3 rolls of brown paper. Might as well use it! Plus these were wrapped for the partners at my work... brownie points? LOL. Probably not.

  2. Such a beautiful job. I think there's something so classic about brown paper. The paper ribbon detail - a great way to use the last scrap pieces of wrapping paper you can't bear to throw out. And the sprig of evergreen - soooo pretteh! Sadly, not much of that around here. Welp.

    My dad is a stamp collector so for Christmas I wrapped his presents with brown paper, twine, fake stamps in the corner, fake franked squiggles and of course, his name and address. He didn't want to open them, like a dork! :P

    1. Awww, your parents seems very supportive. That is cute.

      I added a photo in the post of the other gifts I wrapped. For family presents, I used drawings from a finished project. It is great use of Arch D & E paper.

    2. This is genius! Another gift wrapping idea for my dad (who's an architect). Hahaha, we always worry about what to get him for Christmas (because he's impossible to buy for), so this year we accidentally all got him 5 presents each. Considering he's the image of Santa, it was like a reverse Christmas. Ha!



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