Sunday, 8 November 2015

Travel: Georgia - Day Two

Back to the reason for this trip... Shaw Carpet!
At the design center, they had an awesome installation of both LVT and carpet. It was so striking.
They also had a great distressed metal wall.

Totally loving their product.... and a little candy to get through the day doesn't hurt either.
Second stop was "Plant X". Seriously.

 I was hoping to find Doctor Xavier, but instead we just found yarn. Gaaaaa.
After that we headed to Barnsley Gardens Resort where we would be spending the next 2 nights.

I was pretty happy with  my accommodations.

That evening, we met at the "Barnsley ruins" for a tour and story about how Barnsley Gardens came to be. The extensive garden at the ruins has been brought back to life, which is in stark contrast to the backdrop of the ruins.

Always a sucker for a creepy doll... and some macabre history.

Dinner came next, but I took far too many food photos, so stay tuned.

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  1. That bathroom. Srsly. It's gorgeous! And those gardens. Oh I adore the architecture from down south. Big lazy porches and the most beautiful of details draped on every inch of each home. Nothing is safe! So beautiful.


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