Sunday, 8 November 2015

Travel: Georgia - Day One

We went on a business trip to Georgia courtesy of Shaw Carpets. I was very excited, as I have never been to "the South" before.

Our trip started in Atlanta, in the Loews hotel.

I thoroughly enjoyed that king-sized bed.

Don't mind if I do!

Our flight was a bit late, so we only had 5 minutes to get ready after checking in.

Our reservation was for Ecco. This is a photo of the statement lighting in the front entryway.

Pretty much the entire trip was all about the food and the drink for me. That is evident in my appetizer... fried goat cheese.

Charcuterie plate, of course. Delicious.

For dinner I had duck confit. Amazing.

After a little too much wine, half of us walked the few short blocks back to our hotel. We accidentally stumbled upon the Margaret Mitchell house. How random.

Such a cute little house in amongst the larger buildings around it. 

I had grits for the first time... and they were good! I mean, bacon: check, cheese: check; what's not to like? Doesn't this look amazing? It is a Georgian Benedict: Chipotle hollandaise and a crab cake. Yup.

On a side note, I am totally digging the transition between the lobby floor and the restaurant floor.
Full of food and coffee, we took off for the first of many Shaw factory tours.

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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! SO jealous of your trip to the south! I know it doesn't take place in Georgia, but I've watched Django about 5 times in the past month so I'd be so tempted to slip into that accent at the drop of a hat.

    Your stay looks so lush. Well jell. And dat food ...


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