Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Travel: Georgia - Day Two (part 2)

... before leaving the historic Barnsley ruins, there was a little snack to get our evening started.

 Did I mention that this trip was all about food?

A lovely walk home to get ready for dinner.

The Rice House is where our culinary experience would begin. Sorry for the poor picture quality; night shooting is not my forte.

From the moment we sat down, the wine was there to greet us. Here are the first 3 wines paired with our first 3 courses. I managed to capture the regional Shaw Carpet rep in a Picasso kind of way.

The amuse. The textures and flavours in this tiny spoonful were spectacular.

The appetizer. So gorgeous, equally as delicious. Most agreed that we could eat this as our full meal.

The salad.

The palette cleanser. This also gave me a chance to finish any wine I still had left over. ;)

These three glasses of wine are all for the main course. Seriously.
A cab-sauv, a syrah, and a zinfandel. Each one changed drastically from glass to food.

The main. I found out later it was a 14 oz. steak.
Embarrassingly, I ate it all. All. I am just going to pretend that the bone weighed 10 oz.

Somehow, I missed taking a photo of the dessert... and the pairing. I might have had too many "pairings" at this point.

Nevertheless, I felt sober enough to take advantage of the claw-foot tub in my room.

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  1. YES! I was about to say in your first post, I hope you soaked in that mother of a tub! Perfection. I snorted at the Picasso-esque photo of the representative. Excellent. All that wine reminds me of when we went to a wine tasting in Sicily one hundred years ago and we didn't so much have a wine tasting so much as were given about 10 glasses of wine. I kid you not.

    p.s. LOVE THE HUR! So, so much. You are my hair idol.


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