Saturday, 22 August 2015

Growing Like a Weed: DIY Measuring Stick

Wow, a year has gone by so quick.
Our little DIY project, Millie has gone from a little drooly bundle to an energetic happy toddler.

For her 1st birthday, I wanted to measure her for the first time.
The problem with this is that no one stays in the same house for 30 years like our parents did, so marking up a doorway with measurements over the years no longer has the same effect.

Making a measuring stick that can move with us if we ever move from this house to another, is the best idea.
I started with a 4'-0" piece of reclaimed barn wood.

After fiddling with a tutorial on using wax paper to transfer a printed image to wood... and failing miserably, I finally figured I could draw up something pretty quickly. I was right. It actually took me less time to hand draw it than cut out wax paper.
I went pretty simple with the idea of growing up: The word 'Grow' and an arrow pointing up. Done.

I then attached a toothed bracket to the top edge of the board. I also noted the height to be 5'-6". That way it will always be installed at the same height, no matter where we are.

I think the effect was pretty good at the end. I enjoy the vintage style of the arrow.

Millie seems to like it too!

Edit: Another year has passed, and I just wanted to show how I marked the heights. Growing like a weed, indeed.


  1. No.

    Just no.

    That can't be right. Millie cannot be one already. Nope. You've made some kind of sick mistake. That's not possible. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Happiest of first birthdays, Millie!!! Even though I can't believe a year has passed. Your mom is so talented and I'm taking notes for how to decorate our eventual spawn's bedroom. That sign kicks serious ass. Also, I adore the cabinet in the corner of Millie's room!

    1. Thanks Alex. It is a shock to us too! They say time flies, but you don't really understand what they mean. I do now. What a crazy year.


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