Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sewing 101: Shirt gets sacked

My awesome friends Jeff and Helen got me a rad shirt when I was pregnant with Millie.
I loved it.

Hey, no snickers about my crazy preggo photo.
Anyway, after the baby bump was gone, it was a less than flattering shirt.
I suppose that should have been obvious since it was specifically made for a pregnant woman.

So, what do you do with a cool shirt after it no longer fits? There are a number of things, but I chose to make this one into a bag.

As far as sewing projects go, this is ridiculously easy.
First I pinned it into a sack shape.

Ready to sew, but apparently my needle was full of sticky gunk after my last sewing project.
Thanks to Alex at Interior DIYer for introducing me to the miracle of mayonnaise for sticky residue removal.

Bottom of the shirt is now sew shut.

Now, a quick and easy cut job.
I just followed the lines of the neck and sleeves, and cut them away.

After throwing it over my shoulder, I felt the handles neede to be longer.
I cut the neck a bit deeper - and voila... a bag!

It works!!

This blurry photo shows that Millie thinks it is pretty great too. I suppose this is fitting.
I might have to wrestle my one year old for use of this thing.


  1. My favorite part is how she's all "Look at my SPOON!!!"

  2. This is SUCH an awesome upcycle! Never in a million years would I have thought to turn a t-shirt into a bag! This is just amazing. And yes - mayo FTW! I knew that would come in handy some time :P

    p.s. I love how little Millie is kinda mimicking the karate skeleton. HI-YA!


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