Sunday, 26 July 2015

Event: 3rd Annual Tin Barn Market Flea

I am usually a dollar short and day late when it comes to this event.

The first time, we were there the next morning and discovered that the yard sale was really just leftovers from this fantastic event the night before. The second year, I just wasn't on the mailing list. But this year... this year I was on it, and waiting with baited breath.

The Tin Barn Market in Almonte is one of my favorite shops. Mind you, anything in Almonte tends to be my "favorite" these days. Check them out online:

We arrived, and the queue was already down the block. The back yard is kind of amazing. It is very lush, and extends much farther back than you would expect in a residential area.

 Tin Barn does a great job of creating little vignettes throughout the space. It is incredibly beautiful and quaint. The amount of people skewing the view is a bit of a shame, but with such great finds, can you blame them?

There is literally, a little bit for everyone.

 Loving the mix of retro and vintage.

I was surprised that these soda flavor pumps weren't scooped up right away.

Vignettes - faves.

Check out this Addams Family style pram!! Baby love.

So many great finds.

These mason jar lamps are available at the Tin Barn Market. It was part of a cute little "pop-up-shop" in the back yard.

 I really loved all of the little winding paths that lead to little barns with more vignettes.

So many people!

We even ran into a few people we knew who made the drive in from Ottawa.

How fab are these salon hair dryers?

 All in all, a great flea. I saw people leave with tons of stuff, almost enough to furnish a small apartment.
I can't wait for next year!

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  1. I'm so jealous Pat! We really only have one place like this (but nowhere as atmospheric) in Dublin called the Merchants Market, except it's now closed. It was an indoor market in a semi-abandoned bus depot, full of individual stalls. We drove to it a couple weekends ago, only to find it closed, save a single lowly stall. But hands down, the Tin Barn Market wins. This is in someone's backyard?! Ugh, the little vignettes and fairy lights are killing me. And that Addam's family pram! NEED!

    I hope you picked up a few things. It would be just plain wrong if you didn't. xx


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