Friday, 3 April 2015

Product Testing: Bissel Little Green Machine

Spring Cleaning has begun!
I bought this little green machine about 3 years ago, and so far have only ever used it on carpets. Today, I am trying it out on upholstery for the first time.

It just so happens that my very first project has been taken over by Grey-dog, and it is in desperate need of a clean.

I think it worked well. I was worried the black would run into the white... but everything worked out great!

A side by side comparison is more indicative of how well this actually worked.

The black looks blacker, and the white looks less dingy. Success.

I moved on to the ottoman in our front room. Grey occasionally can be found on this one too.

Not a huge difference, but certainly cleaner.

It also did wonders on the stain that ran down the front of it.

Not a trace of it left.

Have you got any upholstery cleaning tricks?


  1. Oh I could do with one of these for our place! It looks like it not only cleans fabric but spruces and tightens it up a bit by getting rid of any light stretching caused by fur babies. Need.

    Do you know is it possible to use it on rugs too? Actually - never mind, I just reread your first paragraph. It's early on Saturday here. Forgive me.

    1. Yes. It has been a real life saver for carpets, and comes with 2 attachments. Not sure why I am just using the upholstery one for the first time.


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