Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Curbside Shopping: Radio Teaser


I was leaving for work, and saw one of my neighbours put this beautiful little creature out on the curb.

What I love most about items like this, is it is just the right amount of 'busted' to let me put my own stamp on it, and not feel obligated to restore it. In fact, I doubt neither the radio nor the record player work still. Truly perfect.

Stay tuned to what ends up happening with this Addison Standard Broadcast cabinet,


  1. Lol @ 'stay tuned'... and it's a RADIO!

    Lady, you're the kind of funny that I can really get behind. Plus I'm totally digging your eclectic style and your thriftiness.

    1. You're so punny! What is that quote? "Thrift is not an affair of the pocket, but an affair of character." ~S.W. Straus
      And honey, I gots lots of character.... hehehe. Plus, I'm just cheap.

  2. You forgot to mention how heavy this was to get home. Looks like a great base to start on, can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. Yes. Heavy. Good thing I have a strong husband... *wink*


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