Sunday, 19 April 2015

Product Testing: New Use for Olive Oil

You might have heard of using olive oil for a wide variety of uses from polishing stainless steel to conditioning leather to (and this might be the weirdest,) cooking!

Well, I might have come up with a new use...

Your friends are coming over, but your favorite geeky glasses are faded from being put in the dishwasher... Oh the humanity!

No problemo.
1. smear olive oil on the image on your glasses, and rub it in.
2. use an absorbant paper towel (blue shop towels work great) to buff them and take the oil away.

...and you're done.

The blacks are blacker... the reds redder.

This is not a permanent solution, but certainly will keep your glasses looking great for another wash or two.


  1. We don't have a dishwasher (well, we do, and his name's "Robert"), but my parents do and they have this problem with some of their glasses. This is genius!

    Look at us, being productive with oily stuff.

    1. LOL. Robert is the dishwasher... Ha!

    2. The downside to having a human dishwasher is it only cleans the dishes when it wants to. Like, once a week.

      I still love him though. I can see past his flaws ;)

    3. Ha!! I have recently taught mine to make me mini chocolate pancakes... once a week.

  2. Now aren't you the clever little thing..momma K

  3. Ok, so the Blacks are blacker, and the Reds are redder... but I'm only interested in the Blues. What happens to the Blues??

    1. I can only account for the baby blues...


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