Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Decor: The Tree

Like most people, December is a month for putting up decorations for us. This is our second year with our new artificial tree, and our second time attempting to decorate it. 

I started at the bottom by giving the ugly stand an inexpensive new look.
All I used is some burlap to wrap the stand, then used plastic bags to puff it out, and wrapped it with a simple bow.

Last year, my Mom finally handed down the ceramic ornaments from my childhood. They were made and hand painted by my Mom and my Gran. I included them with new silver and blue ornaments, and it works fairly well.

These ornaments are at least 30 years old. I can't believe that they are still intact.

Last year we decorated our tree vertically.
This year, the hubby asked if we could decorate it horizontally.
I was disgruntled and left off the ribbon completely; it was far too bare, so today I put it back on.

Now, I don't often admit this, but hubby was right!
Of course, if he asks me, I will flat out lie about saying he was right... (hehehe).

The tree looks great with the ribbon going around it.
I topped it all off with a hand-made bow at the top.

I hope your Christmas decorating is further along than ours!!


  1. I was Right!!
    And now it's on the INTERNET!!

    FOREVER!!!!! <3

  2. This tree looks great with the vintage mice ornaments. Are you worried about the ceramics falling onto the hard surface though?

  3. Please come over to my house and decorate my tree.

  4. I bow to your burlap sack genius. I'm not a huge fan of tree skirts but at the same time I hate the look of the feet on fake trees. I have our tree sitting on an IKEA rug, because I'm lazy as hell. Would you believe I got my hands on a load of burlap sacks but brought them over to my broseph for his office, but I might have to steal them back! This is too good.

    xx A

    1. Thanks! I think I need to take a page out of your book and put a rug under the tree too. I have already broken one of my ornaments - ironically the pair of an ornament that I had to glue last year!


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