Thursday, 23 October 2014

Canadiana: The Nursery

With our wee Millie having been born we decided that perhaps we should find a better place for her to sleep than the bottom drawer of a bureau. :)

SOOOO, we set to turning our storage room into a nursery.
I can't find a single before photo... mostly because I am forgetful.
I think they call that baby brain.

We used a small chalk board for the door, just so Millie knows that this is her 'crib'... ha... get it... crib. It is both gangsta' and accurate at the same time. Thanks to hubby for his fondness of puns.

By this peak into the door, (and by a previous post that you can find here) you can see that we are going with a Canadian cabin theme.

This is definitely still a work in progress. We knew she wouldn't be sleeping in here for a while, but there were a couple of things we certainly needed up and running. One of those things was a change table. Lucky for me my step-dad, Geoff, fixed the drawers in the hutch. The wood glides had been shaved down to the point where they no longer worked. Geoff put in new wood glides and the drawers are as good as new!

We used an art deco hutch that I had previously screwed up by removing its art deco-ness.
I mean, it still has a waterfall front, but the wood striations that turned out to actually be a staining technique are gone. What I am left with is a great rustic looking peice that works well with our Canadiana theme. You can find the original hutch post here.

Oh, and check out this hand made poo-bear that my friend Nicole made!! If I am lucky, she will document her process for me one day, and I can share it with you all as a tutorial.

I was lucky enough to get some really great items from my friends. Some of my favorites include decor from my best friend Pat. We share a name... we were destined to be friends.

I love these birch bark stars that she gave me. Super appropriate and just pagan enough to make me feel comfortable... LOL

Another fun item was this Brownie sash that my Mom brought with her when they visited to meet the baby. I can't believe she still had it. Here it is casually draped over a picture frame until I can find a better way to display it.

Then at an amazing work baby shower (thank you again LWG), my colleague made me this wonderful quilt.
I think it is inspired. Thanks Karol!

Probably the first thing I bought for the nursery was this moose head. Unfortunately, it stayed un-assembled for months before I put it up, and then when I did, it remained the only thing up on the walls for weeks. Bad Mommy.

More great decor pieces from my friend Pat - "Dream Big Little One" and "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". Adorbs.

Finally, there is a buck drawing that I still have yet to finish - perhaps a future post.
My favorite part, however, are these birch bark branches. I put out a plea on Facebook, and my friends at Earth's Harvest Farm came through for me. Thanks Luke and Liza. Check them and their little organic farm here.

Playing with the new panoramic feature on my Nokia Lumia - It takes 5 photos and blends them into one. I think it turned out well for this tiny little room!

Here you can also see the beautiful teddy that Melting Plastic gave me and cool bunny that my wonderful neighbour Michele gave me.

Most of what you see here is a very quick decorating challenge. I had almost all of it piled inside the crib. I realized one day that I needed a safe place to but Millie when I needed to pee, so the crib became clear, and the nursery a little more pleasant, all in one swoop.


  1. I love your husbands sense of humour, we should be best friends fo'eva'!! Also, great job with the decorating, love the cabin feel without the cabin dirt.

  2. beautiful just like your family.

  3. This is so, so adorable, Pat! I love the mix of different pieces that all work so well together. That incredible quilt with little forest creatures (or at least, that's what I think they look like!), the moose head, the birch bark stars and the handmade bears. UGH, it's just lovely. And is it wrong to say that I kinda like the stripped-back dresser?

    xx A

    1. In this context, I don't hate the dresser either. It works. I don't think I am quite finished with it yet though.

      The quilt! Ya Karol did a great job. Nevermind that he is a man with mad sewing skills.

      Every one has been so generous with gifts. I really wouldn't have had as much to put in this room if it wasn't for them!


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