Thursday, 16 October 2014

Proudest DIY Moment

For anyone who follows my blog... (okay, I guess I am really only talking to Alex of Hydrangea Girl then... *wink*) you know that my blogs have been few and far between over the past year. It has been a hectic time in the Wheele house, what with our most incredible DIY project ever!!!

Of course I am speaking specifically about the one project that I laboured on (ha... laboured) the longest.

I am pretty sure my husband would have liked to spend more time on the beginning stage of this project (hehehe) but I think we can both agree that it turned out pretty great.

I present the finished product:

This is her first day.
Welcome to the world little Millie. I will be playing the role of 'Mom'.

And this crazy guy will be playing the role of "Dad"...

Within the first week, we saw that she was going to have a very expressive face... something she comes by quite honestly.

The next few weeks, we had a little bit of fun.
We totally enjoy her and think she falls into this little family of ours quite well.

Also, I think it is clear that she takes after her da-da. Here is a side-by-side comparison of them both at about 4 weeks old.

Louise Devenney Photography took this gorgeous photo of her at 6 1/2 weeks.

And THAT is our greatest DIY moment, ever.


  1. OH MY GOD PAT, THE LITTLE MILLIE! Oh she is just a vision. That little picture of her smiling? I think one of my ovaries burst. Just, the hands. And those EYES. She looks so much like both you and Morley. You know when you see a baby and you are obliged to say how cute it is, regardless of how much it may look like a weeping gremlin? Millicent is seriously, painfully, beautifully, adorable. Oh my god she's so tiny. Count yourself lucky I live so far away.

    And I cannot get over how deviously cool you are that you labelled her as a DIY project. When husband and I eventually produce crotch fruit, I am stealing this angle.

    xx A

    p.s. I quickly saw this blog post yesterday in work and when I read your first sentence I real life LOLed and I got looks, Wheele. I got looks. I got serious shade thrown at me, so I attempted to look like I was really busy. Serious face. Type harder on your keyboard. I don't think anyone bought it.

    1. There are so many reasons that I love you Alex... I mean we share a sense of humour that is truly wrong. For example, your exquisite mastery of descriptive language. Among my absolute favorites are the terms, "weeping gremlin" and "crotch fruit"!

      You think you LOL'd!!! Dude, I almost snorted egg out my nose. Unlike y

    2. Your situation (surrounded by proper coworkers) I was in my own home stewing in a weeks worth of my own filth, milk, snot and drool. A condition I find myself in more often these days and which I now lovingly refer to as motherhood!

      Thanks for the comment. We are constantly surprised that we didn't end up with one of those kids that is "so ugly they're cute". We totally expected our DNA to mix in an unflattering way.

    3. Oh I am in constant fear of what Robert and I will produce. I was nothing short of a nightmare as a child, and I don't think I could handle a smaller version of me. That girl in The Exorcist would be taking notes. Serious nightmare. Nope. Not going to think about it.

      I reread your blog post and I love how expressive little Millie is! That's one thing I can guarantee about our spawn, that they will be equally as expressive as there's not an hour that goes by that I don't throw shade or make a wildly unflattering face. Even when I'm home alone.


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