Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hanging Stuff: The Red Green Influence

Are you pregnant? Expecting guests? Feeling lazy?

Then I have the perfect DIY project for you!!

Behold! A wall with a hole in it. No need to patch and paint it when you can be twice as efficient with your time!

Simply hang a chalk board over the hole with the words "Nothing to See Here" and you are good to go!!

Alright, alright, I might have been a little too influenced by the Red Green Show when I was growing up, but you gotta admit, it takes a big task and makes it small and manageable, instantly! At least I didn't use his go-to item... duct tape.

I did do an actual project today, however. I realized that our guest bathroom does not have any place to hang towels, so I decided to use the space behind the door to put up some hooks.

With the impending arrival of the evil spawn within me, the KGB (Klu, Geoff, Brenda) is going to be arriving as well. Being this close to delivery, my usual DIY attitude is taking a slightly more store-bought slant.

First I bought these vintage hooks, and some stick-on chalkboard paint from the Tin Barn in Almonte. The previous framed chalk board is from there as well.

Next, I put them up, and then put the initials of our guests on each chalk label.


  1. Replies
    1. You want your own hook? You have one!! Fine, I will get you a little chalk label to put above yours.

  2. I though you just put my initials up there for me ;)

    1. Ha!! Yes, I guess that would work for you too! But do you really need 3 towels?

  3. Bahah, love the Red Green reference! I snorted at it. I fondly remember the duct tape limo ... I miss that show so much.

    When we were in Riga, Latvia a couple weeks ago we passed the former KGB headquarters that just opened to the public. It was where the term roll out the red carpet was coined; they used to put down a red carpet to mask all the blood in and around the main entrance of the building.


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