Sunday, 16 March 2014

Christmas Fun

Alright it is has been far too long since my last post - Soooooo you are in for a bit of a Christmas re-cap.
Besides, the way I look at it, winter is still in full swing here in Carleton Place. As I speak it is -20C and with a huge dump of snow a couple of days ago, I think winter will be sticking around a while longer.

This year the in-laws were coming to see our house, and spend Christmas with us for the first time.
Of course, we needed to do a little preparation before they came, you know, clean and Christmas-i-fy the place.

First we definitely needed to get the area rug cleaned.
If you have ever tried to roll up a huge area rug, you know it is harder than it looks.

Easiest method:
Step 1: Have husband lay at end of rug.
Step 2: Have him hold on the the edge of carpet and roll.
The carpet was cleaned, brought back and put back down. Its kind of amazing how dirty those thing get.

Like any other people, we wanted the in-laws to feel comfortable, so we made sure to have a few old photos on the walls.

Unfortunately, our photo was bought during Hallowe'en so it tends to change slightly when you walk past it.

I cut the portrait out of its tacky plastic frame, re-matted it, and put it in a new frame.
We placed it in the hallway so that you could see it change out of the corner of your eye. Heeee!
Welcoming, right?

Then we did the usual stuff - put up the tree...

Hang the stockings above the fireplace (not bad for 5 minutes of drawing).

All that was left to do was wait for Christmas to arrive.

Oh, I almost forgot... On Christmas Eve, we flew in some Christmas Elves!

Such hams in this family. I had no idea the vigour that these two were going to embrace these costumes that I bought them. The next morning after giving out gifts they actually visited the neighbours with Christmas cookies in these outfits. So scary/hilarious.

If you have read this far, I should explain that I have been lacking in my posts due to being sick for about 3 months... Then the sickness subsided, and I feel much better and have so much more energy. I think I will let you guess what that cryptic statement means...
 Next week I will post our annual Christmas Card.


  1. Replies
    1. Ha! You wish... Although, it did feel a lot like food poisoning some days.


    1. The email notifications for your comments came in yesterday while I was out walking with husband. When I saw they were from you, I literally screamed "YESSSS!!! PAT IS BAAAAAACK!!!".
    2. Mucho loving the chalkboard Christmas decor. And those elf suits - LOOOL. I got onesies for husband and my broseph this year, but I wish I had gotten these.
    3. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh man, seriously you guys. That is such beautiful news!!! I've gotten really broody the past couple of months and have serious baby fever - TMI? Oh who cares. Congratulations on making a human with your genitals <3

    xx A

    1. Thanks Alex!
      I loathed all of my time away from blogging, but with work and literally having no energy by the end of the day, I found myself either asleep on the couch, or just plain knackered and lazy. I suppose the very short days did nothing to help. I literally, spent no time even browsing other people's blogs - which is kind of unheard of for me.

      But yes, great news. I guess I should think about decorating a room soon. I am thinking the theme should be Canadianna/back-woods cabin. Perhaps a small set of antlers above the crib. I could tie some stuff to them like a mobile. Oh dear. Hubby and I are going to make the weirdest parents ever. Well him more than me. At least I lean a little closer to normal. Ha!!

      I am loving what I have been able to catch up on with your blog. Loads of good stuff.
      Glad to be back!!


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