Sunday, 30 March 2014

Christmas Fun: The Annual Card 2013

This is a lovely winter we are having this spring, don't you think?

As we speak, I am watching the snow fall here in Carleton Place. It looks like we already have 6-9 inches out there. I wonder how much longer it will fall?

Anyway, last post I showed you all our first annual Christmas card of 2012. 
This time, I will show you this year's annual card.

Of course, we enlisted the help of our very talented friends from heLENS photography, Jeff and Helen again.
You can find their photos here:
I had a wacky idea to do a cabin theme with the whole family's head mounted on the wall. Fun idea, but the execution of it was interesting to say the least.

 First, I bought a piece of white foam core and cut a hole out for our heads to go through. I thought enticing Grey with some bacon would make this a super simple photoshoot. Boy was I wrong.

He really didn't like having his head through that hole. It was next to impossible to get him to put his head in, and when he did, he would grab the food and pull out immediately. Our next strategy was to try with hubby there to hold him. I think it made it worse.

We pretty much gave up, but Helen did get these other shots of G-dog later on. I think he looks quite dapper. Almost as cute as he did at our wedding. 

Anyway, hubby was much more behaved when it came to his turn. I didn't even have to entice him with food to put his head through the hole... but then, Hubby is always ready to ham it up for the camera.

Here are a few of our fun photos and outtakes:

 And a couple more...

All in all, hilarious day of photos.

The front of the card turned out like this:

And luckily, thanks to the other photos of Greyson, we managed to have a hilarious back of the card too.

Thank you internet for having photos of rifles and Photoshop for making my ridiculousness happen.
See you next week!

Oh, and to check out the previous years' card, click here!


  1. AHAHAHAHA, that card is the bomb, and your husband rocks the trout pout so well. Seriously Pat, I could eat your face. You are the cutest. And I love your haircut! Argh, I wish I was on your Christmas card list.

    xx A

    1. Eat my face? Has our relationship gotten to that point?
      Hahahahah! Yes!

      Give me your mailing address on FB, and I will make sure you are on the mailing list next year! As for hubby, he is the only one I know who mastered the art of the one wandering eye. Creeps me out.

    2. Only creeping / reading this now. We shall exchange addresses like civil folk via FB momentarily. And I too have mastered the one wandering eye. I can do it both both eyes simultaneously. And wiggle my ears.

      xx A

  2. so happy you are back to blogging!

  3. Found your blog this morning and have already read everything! Lol. Looking forward to your updates on giving new life to second hand items :)

    1. Yay! Glad you are enjoying it. I try to update each week, but it doesn't always happen. With summer coming, I am eager to get going on some half finished projects.


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