Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Junking: Unnecessary Items

Another excellent junking trip!!
Sometimes I have no idea what I am going to do with something when I buy it, but am always confident that I will find a use for it.

I am partially scared that this is how hoarders start out....

For example, I can always find a use for a glass cover!

And who doesn't need a plaster fist to hold their toothbrush.

AND a million clothes pins.... erm... who doesn't need that?

Mint green enamel ware? That could come in handy, right? RIGHT?

A three legged stool... at least I know it will never wobble.... right.... uh-oh...

Alright, alright... I might have bought a lot of junk.

BUT, I did buy some thing that I actually needed.
POT! erm... I mean, pots. Planters, more specifically.
I have a bunch of great little succulents that need to be potted, and these great pottery pieces will do the trick nicely.
Not to mention this adorable bird feeder!! I can't wait for this last snow storm to get over with so that I can hang it!!

In a second trip, I also picked up these items: An interesting thermometer.

Awesome brass pots, so cute.

This French language globe is cool - I will always pick up a globe if it is inexpensive.

And finally these sugar bush maple containers. I think they will make great planters.


  1. I love junk. LOVE LOVE LOVE...and yes, i do think that's how hoarding starts out. LOL.

    1. Well I am in serious trouble then! Then again, so are you!!


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