Thursday, 27 September 2012

Boring Side Table Re-do

I found this great little side table at a second-hand furniture store.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before photo.
If you look at the drawer, however, you can see the boring fake wood that it used to be. As well as the original drawer pulls.

To get started, I decided to paint the entire piece grey.
(I have a guest room that is grey, yellow and black)
That was a little too boring for me, so I taped off a border on the top, and drew a quatre foil pattern in pencil.

Next I started to paint it by hand. Hand painting gives the table a unique and imperfect quality that is more desirable.

I did the same to the drawer front and also replaced the drawer pulls.
I clear-coated the whole thing.

The piece seemed a little too pristine for me though, so I took a sander to it to rough it up a bit.

Inside the drawer, I used some contact paper that I had lying around, and made it a bit more interesting.

The finished product shown with a fantastic Brautigan Book Club 'kool-aid' watercolour, and a newly shaded lamp that I found.

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  1. Took me long enough to post this one... but I just really hate posting without having something to go with it.


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