Sunday, 26 August 2018

Dining Room: Drab to Dazzling

Our dining room was boring. It featured a light wood valence with 1980s fabric vertical blinds within; a flowered ceiling fan with a special angel watering... something.

A few changes and the room looks completely different! As with all of our renovations, I only want to enhance the original vibe of the house, rather than try and bring it into the current decade.

So, our first move was the remove the wood valence. I am slowly warming to the valence in the living room but the one in the dining room bothered me. Perhaps for the vertical blinds than anything else.

Nothing is more mid century than a classic white paint, so I opted to keep the white colour. Barely touching the wall with the white paint, it already really showed how yellow it had become. And the ceiling fan we never used so it seems silly to keep it.

There was a simple standard mirror attached to the wall, which strangely made the room feel smaller rather than bigger. See above for the realtor photo of it, or check out the original house post here.

I removed the mirror, brackets, and wall anchors. I patched the wall, taped and painted.

The new chandelier, which you will remember from this post, is a perfect fit for this dining room. 
It is truly a stunning piece.

I also painted the archway to match the living room, in Sherwin Williams Rainstorm, which creates a nice frame into the room.

The painting of that archway made a huge impact on the space, and is the newest addition.

Light weight Ikea curtains in an ikat pattern, bring a little texture and interest to the space.

My daughter, future car show model...

A bit of funny artwork on the wall, and the space is done for now.

I still have many plans for this room which include pot/pan storage and finishing the credenza. So far, I am pretty happy with it. I'll update as I change things, so stay tuned.


  1. Hello! I have that exact same dining table except it's got 2 pedestal legs instead of corner legs like yours. I am looking to sell mine but I have no clue what to ask for. How much did you buy yours for?

    1. I can't recall, it was 2012. I want to say $300, but I can't be sure.

    2. Awesome, that's what I was hoping for! Thank you so much!


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