Tuesday, 27 October 2015

365 Day Wreath: Jute Basic

Self imposed challenge time!

Today, I am making a basic jute (burlap) wreath out of a coat hanger and some jute winter tree cover.

First, I unwound a wire hanger. The best and easiest are the ones from the dry cleaner...
They use a cheaper quality hanger, and that makes it easier to manipulate (and I really like to manipulate stuff...)

I also use my pliers to create a hook on each end.
I angle the hooks so that it creates tension once they are together.
Also, don't worry about making it perfectly round because once the jute is on, you will never know.

Now the jute...
Most burlap wreaths use a smaller width, almost like a wide ribbon instead.
They use a 3 ring wreath base to create fullness.
I really like fullness, so I folded the jute in half.

Then folded back each side... like an 'M' shape.

The fold is in the center.

Using the wire, start by going through the bottom edge of the jute, then through the top edge - all in one direction. It is a bit like folding it in half and stabbing the wire through both edges at once.

Now take the end of the wire and poke it through the bottom edge again.

And again through the top edge.
Bottom to top, just keep Groundhog-Daying the crap out of it.

It will start to twist the jute. It really doesn't look like much at first. The twisting and subsequent bunching will change it by the end.


Now hang it with a wreath hanger. Done.
The challenge comes with taking this base and making it change with the seasons.
Deary me... why am I doing this to myself? I might be setting myself up to fail.
But I guess you will just have to tune in to find out if I do! Ha. Crap.

Just to sass it up a bit, I added a great sign given to me by my Mom last Christmas.

It appears to be Millie approved.
Come in! We're Awesome.


  1. It's true... everyone in that house is Awesome!!! ;)

  2. This is so amazing!!! I honestly was not expecting it to look so full! I thought you were just going to wrap the burlap around the wire. I was all like, good luck with that. It's going to take a lot of layers before that looks good :/ But damn, was I wrong!!! Seriously! And that sign? The piece de resistance.

    Actually, no.

    Millie is the cherry on top :D


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