Thursday, 3 July 2014

Art Deco Hutch - Part 2

So last you heard, things rapidly went downhill from the last post, which you can find HERE.

In the description of this blog, I say "the sometimes disastrous, sometimes fantastic results of D.I.Y.".
This post definitely fits into the "disastrous" category!

the whole finish came off within minutes of putting it on... kind of pilling like an old sweater.
SOOO in for a penny, in for a pound. I began the arduous task of scraping of the sticky, goopy finish.
And messy.

The whole cabinet needs to be re-done now. Of course, I now know a method that will take off the finish.
Great... (insert sarcasm here).

I forgot to take a 'goopy' photo, but essentially, the whole finish became a bit like molasses.
I had to use a plastic scraper to scrape the now sticky finish off of the whole cabinet.

Including the drawers and doors.
The saddest part being, that the fabulous striations that looked like either the grain of the wood, or the milling marks, were in fact a faux stain finish.
Once the finish was off, you could see the true wood grain beneath.

There really was no turning back now, so I got to work sanding the surfaces.

In order to avoid stripping all of the curved side details, I found a stain to match the original finish.

After the first coat, I was starting to feel better, but still devastated at having destroyed the original stain lines.

After a second coat of stain, I put a clear coat over the entire surface, and waited for it to dry.

A reminder of what the hutch looked like in Part 1...

Versus what the hutch looked like after stripping and re-staining.

With a relatively blank canvas, I now need to figure out what my next step is...
This is where Photoshop can really come in handy.
Sometimes I will use it as a tool to play with ideas before making them come to fruition.
Try before you buy, if you will.

I was at first thinking of keeping with that Art Deco feel, and chevrons fit nicely into that category.

I still have not made up my mind, so stay tuned for Part 3 in this saga...

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  1. I am still waiting to see what happens with this as I have the same potential project for myself. Alas, I do believe someone is busy with other things at this time. ;)


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