Thursday, 8 May 2014

Reclaimed Coat Rack: Everything Old is New Again

This house and the modest sized yard, have been a great source of found items. I kind of love how I have managed to find new uses for them.

Included in this found items list is an old coat rack that we found in the shed.

It is a simple design, not necessarily something to sand, stain, and bring inside, but certainly can be a very useful item.

For a simple re-use project, I went with one simple motto: Just add flowers! Bam!
Also, holy crap! Just noticed that I caught a honey bee in the photo.
Is it weird that I just spent 15 minutes researching the difference between a honey bee and a yellow jacket? Internets, why do you always lure me in with all of your at-the-ready information?

I took four standard 6" plastic planters, drilled a couple of holes, strung some twine through it, and planted some Petunias. Big Thanks to my Mom who told me that Petunias would stand up to the harsh sunlight and heat that hits the front deck. They really did.

A simple little project, with some big rewards. A little water and 30 seconds of dead-heading every day, meant a bright and cheerful welcome each morning.

My inspiration for posting this project was the Sale at Home Depot: 10" baskets - 2 for $16!
Oh, yes please.

I also went ga-ga for these black beauties. I have never seen them before, but I am in love.
I haven't decided which to hang on the coat rack this year, but I can't really go wrong!


  1. You are so thrifty. I would have never thought to hang flowers on a coat rack like that! I quite like the contrast between the new pink flowers against the chipped paint. And I SO spotted that bee before you even wrote it.

    p.s. I am a little obsessed with black flowers. Kat von D has only black plants and flowers in her garden and it is so romantic and wonderful. Don't know if I could go all out black like that, but it's very pretty.

    1. Of course, now I am furiously Googling Kat Von D's garden....


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