Saturday, 17 August 2013

Vintage Finds as Wall Art

We were at our friends' (Justin & Kym) house this summer for a BBQ, and came across this little gem.

The rusty wheels and peeling paint immediately caught my attention. I was in love.
So I asked what the deal was with this little board stuck in between the patio railing, and the house.

I turns out that Justin's daughter, Ariel - who is an artist/jeweler - found it on her way home one night.
(Check out Ariel's website) - Beautiful stuff!
Of course, I asked what would happen if it went missing... and they both laughed and said I could have it.
There was alcohol involved so I may have taken advantage the situation... he he he.

Anyway, as is my way, I did a little research on the Nash Sidewalk Surfboard.
It turns out that this is a mid 1960s board, and i am keen to put it on my wall.

The paint was chipping off so badly, that every time it was touched it it just flaked like Christmas.
The first thing I needed to do was spray it with a clear-coat to preserve what was left.

Then, as if it were kismet, I found this Life Magazine from May 14, 1965, featuring Pat McGee, the skateboarding champion at the time. Displaying this with the skateboard would be perfect.

I picked up a few supplies, and got to work making a frame that the magazine could slide into.
I cut the pieces to 1" larger than the magazine.
I used 1" wide wood for the front, 3" wide for the back, and 1/2" square dowels to separate front from back.

After cutting, I sanded the edges.

I used a corner vise to glue and staple the frames together.

Once dry, I glued the dowels down at the top and bottom.

I placed the second frame on top, and nailed them together.

Wood filler went on, then was sanded off.

A little spray paint and it is ready!

The magazine's view on skateboarding culture is pretty funny.
The headline reads "A teeter-totter on wheels is the new fad and menace".

 Click on the photos to see them bigger. It all looks like fun to me.

Oh the menace!

 It brings some life to an otherwise boring corner.

 I think this is an awesome piece of history that shows a strong female doing a predominantly male sport.

A few detail shots!


  1. This is such a cool project. I love that you preserved the chipping skateboard, as well as made a storage frame for the magazine in stead of just tearing the cover off to frame it.

    Very cool.

    1. Thanks!
      I am so in love with this skateboard.
      Can you imagine skating on metal wheels??? Amaze-balls.
      And Pat McGee is now my hero; doing a handstand, on a skateboard, with a perfectly coiffed beehive. Love.


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