Sunday, 24 February 2013

I Love Lamp: MCM Lamp Reveal

Remember this one? I first found it here.
This MCM lamp, at first, looks in good shape but upon closer examination, it has a lot of chips and stains.

Having a look

Here you can see some of the chips in the porcelain.

And even on the decorative leaf, there are many chips.

The cord is also ridiculously stained, but my favorite trick for cleaning a vintage cord, is the Magic Eraser.

I painted the lamp grey, and although I am happy with how the details give the piece some texture, I am unsure about the colour.

I used a darker grey, and was immediately happier with the outcome. I made use of the lighter colour I had already painted, and let the stippled areas keep some of the lighter tones.

After the paint had thoroughly dried, I sprayed it with a semi-gloss clear coat. For the first time, in a long time, the weather cooperated enough to get it all sprayed in a timely fashion.

Add the shade that I picked up from a previous post - here, - the end result is below.

Adding some of our favorite pieces like our view-master under a cloche, from this post, and a copper wire tree that a friend made me 10 years ago.

Also, add an unrecognizable Scottie-dog in his usual perch, and we have perfection!

It really isn't a photo without Grey-dog....
You can see him, and other 'pet's on furniture' at Desire To Inspire


  1. Yet again, well played sir. I must admit I was a little hesitant with the addition of the darker grey, but once I saw the after picture with it in your living room - it's perfect. I love how the remaining wood on the lamp picks up the orange from your blanket. Just the right amount of matching. And the cloche - I think we're on the same page. Epic.

    1. AND Greyson made it on Monday's Pets On Furniture on Desire to Inspire!


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