Monday, 11 May 2015

Weekend Organizer: Bungee Cords

Hubby's weekend project is a bungee cord organizer.

Super quick and easy.
All he needed was a PVC pipe in Storm Trooper white and a drill.
5 minutes later, he stood victorious with his new completed project!

Yay hubby!

Speaking of Storm Trooper White...


  1. First, your Hubby is a genius.

    Second, that kid looks too young to be a Stormtrooper.

    Third, ... I am a duck. (quack quack)

  2. AHHHHHH LITTLE MILLIE! That is so adorable. Look at that little punum :D

    'Stormtrooper white' - HA! In all seriousness though, that's a fab idea! Simple and gets the job done. I remember when I was little we had all our bungee cords in a box and it was a hot mess. That's one thing you don't want to be at the receiving end of - a tightly tangled elasticated cord with a hook on the end. Well done Mr. Wheele!


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