Saturday, 14 March 2015

Real Estate: Good Bones

This gorgeous home for sale in my neighbourhood is fabulous. Oh, what I would do with the decor on this one. Having said that, they did a great job making this 1890 brick Victorian a blank slate for its new owners but kept all of the magically things that make it unique.

Check it out, Click here!

With a little light landscaping, the curb appeal of this gorgeous facade went up ten-fold.

Original mouldings.
I can't stop staring.
How would you like to walk through this entranceway...

And then see this?
This curved staircase is amazing.
So many things to love: The exposed brick, the contrasting white and black stair and banister. I swoon.

Just to the right of the stair is a large open area, I suppose this would either be the living room or the dining room. Hardwood everywhere!

Behind the stair they left the back of the curve exposed again. What a beautiful feature.

Updated kitchen and split level island very nice choice.

What a beautiful large area at the top of the stairs. I love the transom windows - something that you don't see much of in Canada, unless it is in an older home.

I quite love this photo... That curved window was a salvaged find of mine from back in this post.

The first bedroom on the left is pretty typical of all of the bedrooms upstairs.

Simple, clean, and great view of the local park.

The bathroom is pretty nice. Ironically, we have this exact same vanity.

Moving into the addition on the back of the house... This stunning bathroom.

Also, thanks to the addition, is this huge bedroom.

Again, like ours, it has a small step down into it.

Sorry, just one more photo of that amazing... and I mean amazing staircase.


  1. Great photos of a beautiful place. But I really want to see the attic, the garages and if there's a crawl space. (I know, stupid practical things interest me.) xox!

    1. With that roof line, I'll bet it would make an amazing attic space. Oh, renovation bliss.

    2. I"m swooning from BC. Amazing!

  2. I can't express how much this place makes my heart sing. I won't go into how awful the market is in Ireland right now (it's actually cheaper to buy a place than to rent right now. And one bedroom houses are going for almost the price of this place). Okay, I did go into it.

    That staircase though ... Damn. I could so picture a Christmas tree behind it. DAMN YOU, WHEELE.

    1. It is soooo pretty. Walking the dog at night, I would creep this place. That staircase kept me wanting to see more. So glad it finally went up for sale so I could see the final restoration.


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