Monday, 12 January 2015

Mission Chair: Sneak Peak

About a year and a half ago we found 4 chairs (find post here) destined for the dump. The owner happened to be curbside, and told us that the chairs had been saved from a hotel that was being demolished.

I am working on one of those chairs now - a mission style - year unknown.

The cushions had to be thrown away since plants were growing out of them.

I like the clean lines and classic vertical slats indicative of this style.

I am using a gel stain to give the wood some richness.
The cushions will be either the grey or the plaid... or a combination of the two.
Stay tuned for the finished product!!


  1. So that's what that thing was in the corner of the living room... cool!

  2. I can't wait to see how you transform this mission chair. The shape is just beautiful! They remind me of an indoor version of those deck chairs ... I want to call them cottage lounger chairs. I'm a bad Canadian and can't remember what they're called. I think you know what I mean? But anyways, can't wait to it all darker and plaidier. Oh yes.

    1. You mean Adirondack chairs!
      Apparently, the mission style was the answer to the previous more ornate styles.
      I have the chair sanded and stained... just working on the cushions now!


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