Thursday, 11 October 2012

Reclaimed Window: Following the Curve

As you will remember, we brought home an old door from a neighbour who was renovating. A few days later, I realized that they put out a large window as well!

My husband was nice enough to walk the 6 blocks with me and help me carry the window back to our house.

This is the back side. You can see where the wood used to meet the house by its lack of paint.

I started by pulling off any bits that were loose. This sticky portion must have been the original seal.

Here is a nice little detail, possibly a keyhole.

The glass is intact and not cracked, which is incredible. It is however, very dirty.

You can see the construction of the window, and how some of the parts are starting to pull away - probably from moisture getting into it.

Just like the door, I took a bucket of water and bleach and used a scrub brush to clean the exposed wood. A good scrub is usually enough to remove any paint chips that are loose as well.

With the window clean, you notice the green peeking out from behind the pale blue/grey. I like being able to see history in an architectural remnant.

Here it is n our dining room, however, this photo should really have a "before" on it, as this wall will be changing in the coming months.

Dining wall, before; watch this space!


  1. You know that you are old when: I thought that a window went into a wall, not leaned up against one! You constantly amaze and educate me. bw

    1. LOL... I sense that you are mocking me. hehe. This may not be its final resting place, but for now, it is good.


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