Friday, 5 October 2012

Haunted Attic Chair: Reveal

Before we moved into our home, we had to have vermiculite removed from the attic. While they were up there, we also had them re-insulate the attic to avoid issues later on (winter). The guys pulled a bunch of items from the attic including files from 1961, a vintage light-up lawn snowman, Tupperware, and finally a box full of wood pieces. The wood was in a plastic bin that had water in it, leaving the ends of some of them moldy.

After cleaning the wood pieces with vinegar and water, I thought I might have a rocking chair on my hands.
At this point, my husband protested! He said, "If that is a rocking chair, and it starts rocking on its own ... I'm outta here!" 

But as I began to put the pieces together, I discovered it wasn't a rocker at all.
The pieces that I thought might be rockers were actually arms for a wood wing-back chair, similar to a Monterey Classic 1930s chairs.

The chair had all of its parts except for 2 spindles. I could have had 2 more made to match, but thought it more prudent to make non-original parts look different.

I decided to paint instead of stain since there wasn't a significant wood-grain that would have benefited from a stain finish. The glossy black gives it a slick varnished look, without having to varnish.

The chair had no trace of there ever being springs in the frame, so I bought webbing to support the future seat cushion.

The fabric I chose is a large graphic print that was complementary to the shape of the chair.

I used re-claimed 4" foam inside the cushions, and it not only looks great but is extremely comfortable.

I am so enamored with how well this piece turned out - oh and if it is haunted, we will never know!

And finally, my favorite model, Grey, whose sleep I interrupted.


  1. So pretty! How did you attach the webbing to the sides of the frame? I can see where the front and back attach, but not the sides. Do tell!

  2. It is attached to the sides, and then a wood slat screwed on top of it.

  3. Bill says that he has an old glider rocker for you....getting it to you could be the problem though. Still...he will hang onto it until you at least have a chance to see it! Love the work that you are doing. bw

    1. Oh ya?
      Take a photo!
      Thanks for the comments. I am enjoying doing it. And, I am really happy with how this one turned out.


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