Saturday, 27 October 2012

Antiquing Finds: A great day!

We had an amazing day antiquing today. My husband is convinced this officially makes us old, but secretly, he really enjoys the hunt.

This was our first find at a second-hand shop. It was $10 and we kind of like its retro caramel colour.

While we were there a couple was dropping off some beautiful chairs, but unfortunately, the second-hand store didn't want them.

ENTER Wheele House!! We were more than happy to have them, and at such a great price (free)... all that much better.

Next we went to the Antique Store in Almonte. LOVE that place. We found this little vintage suitcase for $5.

 AND, this rolling pin for $5... Which really isn't exciting unless you are me, and the last batch of cinnamon buns you made had to be rolled out with a can of Pam.

Stay tuned to find out what I do with the suitcase and mirrors!!

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