Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ugly Cement Patio: Makeover & Dead Bodies

What's that you say?
You wanna paint your patio, but there is a dead body in the way?
No problem...

In four easy steps, you too can have a fun and interesting patio and be the talk of your neighbourhood!

Step One: Outline the body in a paint colour of your choosing.

Step Two: Remove the body.

Step Three: Begin painting your pattern.

Step Four: Set up your patio furniture, and ENJOY!

Before anyone calls the cops, I assure you my husband is not dead, just a good dead-body model.  :)
No seriously... he is fine.

In addition to a bit of fun with paint, we also spent some time planting.
It is a great way to add some colour to our patio as we slowly make it our own.
I still love this kitschy pelican that we found - here with marigolds.

I love how bright these planters are. All on their own, they give pops of vibrant yellow to the deck.

The faded and dirty lounge furniture is in the process of being updated, so stay tuned for that reveal to come.

Here is another grouping. In addition to the yellow, we also have a planter left from the previous owner. Perhaps it will make my project list in the near future.

And just to show how Grey-dog helps, I panned back to show him sitting at my feet, basically getting in the way, but ya can't be mad at his desire to be close to you.

Here is the final photo with our maple-sap buckets lining the edge of the patio.
It is a silly/fun change, but it will do for now to make an ugly concrete patio a little interesting.
Besides, life is too short to take everything too seriously.   :)


  1. You had me at 'dead body'. Pat this is so awesome, I love your thought process! Those diagonal lines - it's amazing how something so simple can completely lifts a space. I also completely agree with your state of mind. People need to loosen the hell up.

    p.s. I wish we were neighbours.

  2. Uh, ME TOO! Actually, I kind of feel like we already are neighbours. I mean, we already spell 'neighbours' the same way, and with the internet, Ireland doesn't seem very far away at all. :)

    1. In the least sappy way possible, I completely agree.


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