Monday, 27 May 2013

DIY Wedding 2010: Part 1

While looking through some old files on my computer, I came across photos from our wedding back on August 3, 2010. As I was going through, I noticed all of the photos of projects that I had done. Almost 3 years has passed since the wedding, and 4.5 years since I first started planning the whole thing.

SO, having said all of that, I thought I would spend a few weeks blogging about all of the DIY things that I did. This is the first of 5 Monday posts on wedding projects.

Let's get started!
The first thing we needed to do was decide on a colour scheme. Grey, black, and yellow won the day.

After we decided on a date, we made our STD. Can I just say, that I think using the acronym for Save-The-Date is immensely fun for me. Heeeeeeee. STD. Moving on.

Oh, and you likely noticed that we got married on a Tuesday. Just a weird thing about getting married at a resort - things are cheaper and easier to do mid-week, so that is how we came to be married on a Tuesday. Plus, we had the added benefit of the Monday being a holiday in BC, so if anyone was taking that week off, they got a free day.

Anyway, back to my DIY stuff. We then had to ask our friends to be our attendants. For my Bridesmaid, Nicole, and my MOH, PatC, I used bubble-gum rings in ring boxes with a note. It was like I was proposing to them.

I thought it was ridiculously cute all wrapped up in silver ribbon.

Then our beloved friend Ness was asked to be our Emcee. I found this kids purple Dora the Explorer microphone, and painted it black & grey. I then used damask paper for the handle. I finished it all off with ribbon glued wherever there was a change in colour, and topped it with a yellow tied ribbon at the base. Luckily she said 'Yes'.

Next... Invitations!
In Illustrator, I made up a fun wedding invite in the style of an event poster, and used the colours of our wedding.

At Michaels, they have a plethora of wedding invites to choose from. Problem was that there wasn't any one invite that I liked. So I bought 2 different ones, and mixed and matched to get an eclectic mix. As you will soon see, I really played with pattern in all of my DIY endeavors.

This was likely one of my favorite projects... and possibly one of the easiest, too.

 I covered 6 plain brown Moleskine writing books. Actually, first glued a piece of ribbon to the spine. Next, I put a print on the inside cover. Finally, I did the outside, allowing the cover to fold over into the inside. Rubber cement is your friend for a task like that.

Using a variety of prints (again) I printed the bookmarks, hole-punched them, and tied the ribbon to them.
Stay tuned for part 2 next Monday!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! And still, there are a couple of things I wish I could change.

  2. What a great idea to retroactively post about all this!!! I probably have some stuff from our wedding which was also a DIY fest. Loving this!!!

    1. Ooooh, perhaps I can expect to see it on your blog in the future?

  3. Nic aka bridesmaid29 May 2013 at 18:51

    I"m staying tuned!!!!!!!!! And Pat had so many amazing ideas and decorations... I can't wait to see what else you share. There better be some balls!

  4. I will first say that since our wedding 7 months ago, I have avoided anything and everything wedding related since. I think all the organizing {and in-laws} sent me a little over the edge, but reading that you went through the same steps and DIY'ed the hell out of our wedding, it's therapeutic! I made similar things for my bridesmaids when I asked them, the layout and design of our invitations are spooky similar {although I much prefer your mix and match of patterns, which are ridik}, and those cute books. Cannot wait to see the rest of your DIYing delights.

    p.s. Here, they're called STI's (sexually transmitted infections). Not that I have any. But I totes laughed when I first read STD.

    1. Actually, I think they are now called STIs here too... ah, fun with acronyms. You gotta send me a photo of your invites - I am so curious now.

    2. Pssst -


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