Sunday, 22 April 2018

Living Room: Paint and Planters

Though this was the very first room to receive paint, I haven't gotten around to completing it. And it still isn't done, but I thought I would share some of my progress.

Back when I was still in Ottawa, I pulled together a 5 minute colour concept, that I still liked (with a little tweaking) even after we got possession of the house.

To work with the existing wood wall and red chesterfield, I chose Benjamin Moore's Cloud White and Sherwin Williams Rainstorm paint colours. I really like the moodiness of the deep blue and the vintage feel of the white.

I put my favorite helper to work fixing some of the imperfections in the wall. Believe it or not, this 3 year old did a pretty good job of this! Then we sanded and vacuumed.

Before. More before photos here.

After 2 coats (we eventually put 3 coats of paint on).
Two days later, the moving truck arrived with the furniture, and more specifically, the very heavy bookcase.

The living room is rather large so I placed the furniture to allow for a cozy seating area and room to walk behind to access the rest of the room (window side still in progress). I'm loving my Mart Stam chairs, chesterfield and refurbished mission chair in this room. I still can't coax wee Grey-dog out of that mission chair, not even for a photo.

In case you wondered, the previous owners did in fact leave that fabulous mirror.
And I still have that lamp that I found during this junking trip.

Remember when I first refurbished this mission chair? If not, check it out here.

During my mom's most recent visit she brought me this vintage macrame plant holder. I love this mustard colour with the new wall paint.

I put a spider plant and string of pearls in it, and added some quirky artwork to either side of the bookcase. I am so glad I finally found a good place for my Mica Angela Hendricks illustrations.

This room is starting to come together!
See the next evolution of this room, here.


  1. I love it!!! Your house looks so clean!!!

  2. Pat, this looks so incredible. Even if you say it's not completely finished. That colour is such a perfect hit for this room and that mirror. Get out. I can't believe they would leave that (you're not complaining!).

    Really incredible space. And helper.

    1. That mirror is really ridiculous. I love it so much. Plus, it is really on there, so I don't know if they could have taken it anyway. Ha!


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