Saturday, 28 April 2018

DIY: House Numbers

It is the little things that annoy me.
Like how my address looks like it says "Toast".
And why is every single house number on an angle? So weird.

In any case, these tarnished mix of number styles and sizes needed to go.

Oh and wouldn't it have been grand if that lovely bistro set from the Realtor photos had stayed?
Le Sigh. I guess I will have to keep my eyes open for some.
But, I digress... house numbers!

I wanted to stay with the mid century feel with the new house numbers.
Lowe's has some very clean, stream-lined numbers for about $10/ number. Not bad after I compared it to online sources that would have been about the same, except for the added cost of shipping.

So, after purchasing the numbers, I bought some wood slats (1/4" x 1 1/2") and then cut them down in length to 18". Then I stained them with a gel stain to match the front door. I glued and nailed the slats together at the back to create a wood panel.

Next, using the templates that come with the numbers, I punched a guide for the future drill holes.

Finally, I used clear silicone to fill the old and new holes. I then affixed the wood panel to the wall, careful to cover all of the holes left from the previous numbers. The numbers can be used either flush or as stand offs, depending on what size hole you drill. I chose stand offs.

Screen door open vs. screen door closed.
I added a fern in a lovely pot and replaced the ugly outdoor carpet from the concrete porch with a simple Ikea mat.
...And what entrance is complete with out a "Come in we're awesome" sign?

This summer weather has inspired some planting - some reed grass in the brick planter is adding some much needed life to the entrance area.

Next items to tackle are:
The light fixture - replace with something less traditional
The mailbox - perhaps a good clean/polish
The front door - possible sand and restain

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