Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Growin' Stuff: Garden Box

Since my black-thumb has decidedly turned a bit more of a brown... I thought I would try my hand at a vegetable garden this year.

Hubby and my 16 year old nephew who is visiting from BC, got started on a garden box for me while I was at work last week.

They started with 12" x 12' boards and some 4" x 4" posts. The posts were used as the main corner supports, and the boards as the sides.

In less than 2 hours, we had an 6'x 12' garden box.

Hubby felt it needed a bit more support in the middle, however, so he added some corner posts at the midway point.

Then with a middle support, the box was complete!

I ordered a yard bag of soil and we filled it up to about 4 or 5 inches from the top.

Then i got to planting.
Upon my Mom's suggestion, I went online to figure out which vegetables were compatible.

I should also mention that I snaked and staked a soaker hose in and around my veggies to get an even water distribution. In order to water the garden I simply connec the hose to it, and leave it.

I ended up planting marigolds down the centre to help keep the bugs at bay.
I also used bright slushy straws as temporary markers. I have another project in the works to replace them.

I planted tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peas, carrots, parsnips, and beans - in that order.

At the very end, I planted a zucchini and cucumbers because they tend to spread.
I figure if they need more room, they can go up and over the end of the box, which will look pretty too.

I've got the best Hubby & Nephew ever!
Now to get this fence up!


  1. M-mmmmmm can't wait for some home grown veggies! (phase 1 of my Zombageddon survival plan is complete.)

    1. Well don't put all of your eggs in that basket - remember, I have a history of a black thumb!!


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