Monday, 30 July 2018

Retro TV Room: Credenza One

You guys...
It is freaking beautiful.

All cleaned up, (see it in my last post here) it is really well built, and it was super easy to wipe down and make a few minor repairs.

If you recall from my very first post, the basement is every kind of retro you can think of.
This room in particular is windowless, and long, with an attached room for the bar area.
It makes for awkward planning to say the least.

As you walk in, we have really embraced the purpose of this room for us, which is a TV room.
So, we want to make it functional for that purpose.

The addition of this cabinet is such a beautiful addition.
Of course this room's transformation hasn't even started yet, so this will change dramatically, I'm sure.

I even found a temporary spot for these great little chairs that I found recently.
And a shout of to D. Patterson who painted this white tiger 20 years ago, and I've been lugging it around ever since. He probably has no idea that I still have it.

Nothing makes a room feel more light and bright than adding plant-life and lamps.
Oh, and can we talk for a minute about how much I hate photographing rooms without natural light. Argh!

So much still to do down here. Carpet, paint, lights, oh my!

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