Monday, 17 December 2012

Holiday DIY: You Cone Do It - 2

Yesterday, I made a pine cone wreath.You can find it here: Holiday DIY: You Cone Do It

Problem is that I collected way too many pine cones.
Now I have all of these extras, and decided I needed to do something with them.

My solution? Ornaments!!
I started by tying thread onto my cones, both for using on my tree, and for ease of spraying them.

I used my favorite spray paint (Krylon) in silver metallic.
I tried not to over spray them, as I still wanted a little bit of the original cone to show through in spots.
Although it appears that I sprayed these in the shower, I did not, nor would I recommend doing so.

Finally, here is the finished product on the tree.
It is just shiny enough to catch the light, but not so much that it looks plastic.

This is our wee Christmas tree.
It is a little bit vertically challenged. More so now that we are in such an expansive house.
I used our bar cart as a parcel organization facility... oh and to give the tree some height.

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