Friday, 21 September 2012

Teepee Coat Rack

We need a coat rack.
I don't really want to spend $75 on a sub-par and boring one, so I figured I would make a simple one myself.

This is what I started with: 1" dowels, twine, and paint.

Then, I used the twine to test the placement, and to see how far the feet would spread.

I taped off part each dowel. I am going for the reverse-'dipped' look by leaving the bottom exposed and natural, while 'dipping' the upper portions of the wood.

I then began painting each dowel in a colour that would be bold, and still compliment the room it will be in.

The finished product. I added rubber feet to each of the dowels providing anti-slippage, while also protecting our bamboo floor.


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  2. Hi! I want to do something similar for our home, but we don´t believe that it is stable enough... is it? does it stay in place even with some clothes on it?

    1. I would recommend using 5 dowels instead of 3 and where you attach them together has to be low enough to offset the weight of what you put on it. Hope that helps!!


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